About Us

Category III is an aeronautical term which refers to a combination of highly trained pilots and sophisticated cockpit avionics working together to safely land an aircraft in zero visibility conditions.  There is no margin for error.  Strict reliance on exceptional training and proper equipment functining is crucial.  We value this metaphor and work to bring Category lll precision approach to our clients to deliver better results for all aspects of complex real estate value extrications.  This dedication to precise performance differentiates us and our clients from the competition.

Category III’s mission is to create high-quality, value driven services to all of our clients.   We do so through a variety of business lines and life-cycle products that work in seamless integration to maximize results and returns.  We work with owners and offer comprehensive options such as direct acquisition, debt and/or lien removal, removal of value impairment factors, and work to secure profitability.   This focus re-positions the asset for economic viability and performance.  For our investment clients we perform due diligence investigations that yield high-value inside information about potential asset targets.  We enable our clients to enjoy a superior competitive edge in making investment decisions and smart choices for growth.

Illinos Managing Real Estate Broker Corporation license # 478-025998 

California B – General Building Contractor Corporation license #969602

“The executive leadership team is unparalleled in navigating complex financed deals gone awry. They brought us in early as preferred capital and we have enjoyed a sharp increase in investment returns. They managed the process effectively and with sophistication.”

Dean D. Bellas, PhD.
Managing Partner Urban Analytics, Inc.