Category III views real estate as being in a state of constant change. Maintaining high quality appearances, functionality, and market vitality is essential to preserve value. Category III provides our clients with comprehensive seamless awareness through capital needs assessments, preventative maintenance plans, capital repair prioritization, construction process management, and general contraction solutions. 

  • Set a Benchmark  
    • Highly accurate and reliable Physical and Capital Needs Assessments for both HUD and FNMA
    • Sustainability and Green Assessments and measurable green retrofit practices
    • Critical and Non-critical Repair Prioritization
    • Replacement Reserve Analysis and Plans
    • Expected Useful Life Analysis


  • Preventative Maintenance Plan
    • Accountability tools for staff and physical needs
    • Preventative Maintenance Plans and Tracking
    • Maintain the physical asset in optimal condition and reporting for regulatory agencies and lenders
  • Capital Repairs
    • Comprehensive priority of deferred capital needs and maximum utilization of available reserves and operating funds
    • Prepare scope of work based on health and safety, immediate, and short-term needs
  • Construction and Rehabilitation Process Management
    • Define scope of work, prepare bid solicitations, negotiate with contractors, construction management
    • Request for proposals and scope qualification
    • Pricing and estimation services

“Category III came to us in the nick of time when we had two large properties with significant market and vacancy challenges. They quickly identified the necessary restructuring and engineered a comprehensive solution that recaptured stability and profit.”

David Jimenez
COO Catholic Healthcare Partners